REAL Life Discipleship

Christ came to give us a full and enjoyable life beyond our imagination. Sadly, most never experience this type of life, because so much junk often clutters it up and weighs it down. As a result, very few even realize that the life they are living is not the life Christ has for them. Northside’s REAL Life Discipleship is here to help change that. In John 10:10, Jesus said that He has come to give us abundant life. Another way to understand the word abundant is “whole.” Jesus came to give us a whole life. REAL Life Discipleship is a road map designed to help you navigate your journey down the path toward that whole life God has in store for you. To experience the whole life Christ offers, believers must grow in various areas of spiritual maturity. So REAL Life Discipleship begins with Entry Points (Disciples Path, First Steps, & Breaking Through), or opportunities to learn the basics of your walk with Christ and connecting with Northside. Once you are on the discipleship journey, REAL Life Discipleship offers eight different Life Paths that you may travel down on your way to a whole life in Christ. Each path of personal growth contains a plan that helps you map out the journey. They may include specific discipleship courses, personal studies with a mentor or small group, and even activity projects to help you in this area of growth. To sign up for a REAL Life Discipleship path, simply select the course you want to attend from the list below. (Don’t forget to pay attention to course days and times), and request to join the course. You can also sign up under the REAL Life Discipleship Tile at If you have questions, feel free to contact the Northside Church Discipleship Ministry at 910-791-6053, ext. 113. We hope you will join us on the journey toward REAL Life!